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Birth of The Bald Guy

William Harrison Huff, Jr. "His Baldness," was born in Misawa, Japan and raised in Boynton Beach, Florida.

William comes from a long line of bald men, starting with his father and then grandfathers on both sides, as well as both of his great-grandfathers.

Like his father, and because of his maternal grandfather's German descent, William had a huge head of beautiful, curly blonde hair. Even at the age of five, women couldn't resist him; they were always complimenting his parents on how beautiful his hair was.

By the age of seventeen, he had grown his hair long, but since it was curly, he wound up with a white dude's afro. Everyone else thought it looked great, but he knew he was hiding a secret

The First Step on the Path to Baldness

It was at age seventeen that William realized his hair was thinning at a spot in the back and his hairline in the front had started to creep upward.

It would have been no big deal...except that William then fulfilled his first life-long dream of joining the military and in 1988 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

Off came all the hair and for awhile, he wasn't allowed to have much of any hair at all. At this point, the thinning was getting more and more noticeable because he couldn't grow it long enough to cover anything up.

Sunburn on the melon became a much larger problem for him as the coverage upstairs just wasn't there.

Life After the Marines

After the Marines, William started on his career in business as well as chasing the ladies and generally partying his butt off as a single guy in Southern California.

He did the first thing every guy does when he gets out of the Marines - he grew his hair back.

The problem was, nothing looked good anymore.

He tried it all. Growing the NASCAR sunscreen (The Mullet), tried growing it all long; tried the Record Executive, tried the Pat Riley, even reverted back to the military mode and tried the Pathetic Excuse for a Flattop.

Nothing worked or looked good. Worse, his stunning girlfriend that he was very much in love with broke up with him and went out with a guy...that had hair.

Confidence shot and wanting to try something new, he got fed up with his excuse for a hairstyle and in a fit of rage, shaved his head completely shiny bald.

And thought, "Hey...this looks pretty good."

Having always had good facial hair, he grew a handsome goatee and never looked back.

The Transformation to Handsome, Healthy, Successful, Bald M'Fer...

This was 1994, so the look wasn't popular yet. At first, some people where intimidated by the look while others asked if he liked it and they commented that they thought it looked good.

But the real kicker was women. William quickly discovered that women found the clean-shaven head irresistible and many came up and asked if they could touch it, particularly when he was out on a date with another attractive woman.

William's confidence skyrocketed, his business took off and his life was never the same.

Having this confidence and business success allowed Billy to travel and meet to people from all over the world. He discovered that all guys - regardless of age - all feared going bald.

When the subject would come up about going bald, shaving their heads or their fears, William was always the one they talked to about it and asked for advice.

Seeing how many men were out there struggling with their hair loss and knowing that it was directly ruining their confidence and also their success, William decided to do something about it.

And so, Bald Guys Rule was born.

Now Bill spends his time running his businesses and making sure that baldguysrule.com is the Baldest Website on the Planet and is a place where all men - balding or clean shaven - can go and get the best information and resources to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life.

Bill is married to his lovely and very tolerant and patient wife, Tina. They live in Southern California.





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